Amulet Jug


50% of the funds from the cost of sold souvenirs will be used to finance a program aimed at raising the level of health, upbringing and education in orphanages in Ukraine



The earth is a symbol of love to near and dear ones, to ancestors, to Motherland.

Native Ground is pure and holy. Native Ground is a powerful amulet protecting from death in battle, from disaster during travel, from illness and poverty.

The handmade work of the Kyiv master of pottery is unique. Jug belongs to one of the oldest varieties of our ancestors’ traditional crockery.

This is especially important, because it will preserve the native Ukrainian ground.

This ground is taken in a picturesque place of the Kyiv region from a depth of 1.5 m. According to experts, the formation of this soil layer can be attributed to the times of Kyivan Rus. There are all necessary documents for unhindered export from Ukraine and import to any country in the world.

The amulet  is consecrated, and the project received Blessing of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

Made in Ukraine.


* Since this is a handmade work, the sending of souvenirs takes place in 10 days after the payment of the order. Сost of delivery – 16$.


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